• Summer Faves

    Well, friends! It is officially Summertime! Which means Margs by the pool, porch sitting, beach trips, and of course all the summer essentials.


    Fall really has my heart but there’s something really special about summer too. I love how during this time of year not only do the days actually get longer, but everything else seems to slow down too if you let it – giving you maximum opportunities to chill. The warm (ok, terribly hot… hello, SC) air brings back different memories for everyone… me - I’ve been eating peaches like they are going out of style and each time I bite into one, I can feel myself reverting to childhood, going to the orchard with my papa, coming back home with a bushel, cutting them up, sprinkling sugar on top (I know, crazy!), and then watching a Braves game on TV.


     In honor of this season and all of it’s slow goodness, we’ve pulled together a list of things we’re crushing on for the season. Full of color and pattern of course, because what season wears those two better? Yellow weekenders, striped towels, big sunnies, art that makes you feel you’re seaside even while sitting on your new green sofa… gangs all here!



    Chair | Pillow | Lampshade | Candle | Plate | Pendant Light | Basket | Weekender Bag | Sunglasses | Earrings | Towel | Sofa | Colorful Houses Art | Beach Theme Art


    Happy, happy Summer, Friends!


    XO, AL