• A Powder Room Makeover w/ Artist Teresa Roche

     It’s not everyday that you get to work on a powder room makeover for a client-friend, with your artist-friend using said artist-friend’s very own wallpaper featuring her painting on repeat. Repeat obviously means something different here, but just like my fave Britney song in 2000 via the repeat button on my Walkman, I can’t stop, wont stop with this paper.  When your obsessed, you’re obsessed and I promise you that I love this wallpaper more than I loved “Lucky” and that’s a lot.  

    Teresa Roche is a pop star in her own right and has just launched a line of wallpaper based on her Anchorage Series of paintings. They are all sorts of rad and you too can have a powder room that makes you feel like you’ve jumped into a painting. Teresa and I teamed up to transform a friend’s powder room into a little wonderland of all things COLOR and ART and it was basically a dream.  

    We painted the sink console a dreamy blue-green pulling from the paper and added a pop of yellow with the Barn Light Electric light.

    One more example of my love for papered powders and even better when the paper is from one of the most beloved local artists! Insert all the heart eye emojis here.

    Images by Eli Warren