• A Renovation to Remember | Pt. 1

    This was one of our biggest, funnest, most rewarding projects this summer and I am so stinking excited to FINALLY be able to share it. A long time client/friend called and said that she had started the renovation progress and was stuck on how to proceed. She had locked down the contractor (which, is ½ the battle these days) and had no clue what to do from there. So, we stepped in and helped with every step from finishes to furnishings along the way.

    She knew what she wanted from the project which entailed reworking and furnishing the main living space of their brick ranch. She wanted the project to feel rooted in tradition but updated and fresh. Entertaining for football season and holidays was way at the top of the list so there needed to be ample seating and a flow between the areas to max out the party vibes. Most of all, the space needed to be functional and fitting for the family of five’s every day life.

    The space started as five distinct rooms. Kitchen, living, weird room off the kitchen that didn’t really have a purpose, dining room, and entry.  You’ll see the kitchen and living room next week, but this week we are featuring the front side of the house… the dining room, weird purposeless room (that is now killing its new role as office) and the entry way.

    For the entry, this room got minimal updates with paint and furnishings. A mix of tradition with a little modern twist here and there. Vintage pieces paired with funky color blocked art to bring those pieces with history straight into 2018. 

    The dining room had one requirement… the family dining set. Throughout a lot of our projects it’s all about balance to make a space feel like home to our clients. Those old family pieces are so important to give a space history, but adding in more casual, modern colors and textures adds in the personality and keeps the space from feeling stuffy. It’s all about bright and subdued, old and new, etc. etc. So, to keep the old/new theme alive, the table got two head upholstered chairs that also add some visual weight to the room, soft airy drapes, and a rug that is is grounded with tradition but is host to a light color palette.

    Dining rooms are a great excuse for some wallpaper, and I’ll use a wallpaper excuse whenever I get one. Since dining rooms are usually really heavy in the wood department, there aren’t always a lot of ways to add softness, pattern and interest with fabrics. Sure, you have drapes, chairs and seat cushions but for this pattern loving girl, that normally isn’t enough. The wallpaper really brings it home here and helps bring interest to the large amount of wall space that dining rooms also tend to bring. We finished things off with brass features in lighting, a little modern take on blue and white, and killer artwork.


    Lastly, let’s take a spin around that room that didn’t seem to have a purpose… picture this space without those built ins, no path to the outside world, and a tiny little door way into the dining room. We added a door to the outside, built-ins to distinguish this spot as an office and opened it up to the dining room. A desk, bookshelf, and reading nook finish off the job of giving the room purpose and it might just be my favorite little space… maybe because I love to style shelves, maybe because I dream of yellow rolling office chairs, maybe because I almost didn’t even take to art over the piano to the client because I wanted it to live with me forever. Maybe...