• A Renovation To Remember | Pt. 2

    Last week we shared of one of our fave projects of the summer, but saved what I think is the best part for today! It’s onward to Part Two. We’ve got a living room meant for lounging, a kitchen made for parties, and a porch for fall days like these… maybe without the severe thunderstorms.

    Traditional with a twist is a good way to describe the mantra we adopted when working on this project. Neutral bases with color and texture layered on top add interest but keep the space timeless and open to change down the road.

    Before the renovation, the kitchen was closed off from the rest of the house. It had low cabinets, linoleum, and a layout that wasn’t conducive to cooking or entertaining… to things that kitchens obviously should host with ease. So down came walls, up went cabinets, in went appliances, and then all the pretty stuff to make it feel like home.

    From the kitchen you can take a leisurely stroll into the living room where lounging is the number one priority. Again, we kept the big players of the space neutral and layered in a menagerie of pillows, a green chair that makes me weak in the knees, along with the dreamy drapes.

    And the porch is last on our tour but not last in relaxation vibes. A daybed made for the perfect afternoon snooze and a conversation area made for bringing the party outside caps off this renovation tour in style.

    Images by Luke Cleland

    We know you are sad to see the tour end (because we definitely are) but soon we will be flooding the blog with Holiday Cheer and other goodies! Until next time...