• Amanda Louise at Home: Hello Yellow Kitchen

    It's definitely not a secret that yellow is my color. Yellow everything... except yellow cars. Those aren't really my jam. Other than that, it's my first choice for every personal color decision. So when I had stared at our white kitchen for as long as I possibly could, the answer was yellow. 

     We needed to make a big visual impact on the cheap. We have been in a condo for a few years and it's been great for this season of life, but it's not where we plan to be much longer. There needed to be a balance of buying me some more time to feel more at home here and not sinking too much money into the space. I needed to make this space happy until we make our next move so we went the cosmetic route.

     I love this space. However, I did think that having a happy kitchen would make me cook more. I thought I would magically be making frittatas like the Barefoot Contessa. I have still never made a Frittata and if I'm being honest, I have no idea how to make a Frittata or really what a Frittata is. But despite the lack of Frittatas, here's a little tour of how I gave our blank slate a little yellow fever. 

    Photos by Luke Cleland

    Get ready for the before... 

    There it is. Pretty "blah". Pretty wonky. Pretty white. 

     I needed some color and now it's yellow. In my book, that's always better. 

     I do 100% understand that this was not a good move for resale, but my thought is that we will enjoy it for a while and then it can be painted again. No big deal and I'm happier. Isn't that what home is about?!

    Pineapple Mousse

    For the cabinet paint color, I chose Valspar's Pineapple Mousse. It was the perfect happy shade and I mean, obviously the perfect name.

    We took the cabinet doors off of this section of cabinetry and papered the inside with this Rifle Paper Co. for Hygge and West goodness. This was the best choice to add in some pattern and interest and it also ties all the colors in the space together. I was amazed at how just having some open cabinetry, opened up the whole space.

     I struggled with the dark countertops and how I would make them work with a bright cabinet color. The wallpaper was the perfect ingredient to complete the mix.

     For the backsplash, I went with a solid white subway that would work with whatever happens in here down the road. Paint is easy to change but I figured I should keep the tile classic. Dark grout ties to the darker elements in the room. 

    Again to add some drama and tie to the counters, I chose a rug with black and used one of my favorite animal prints for a skirt under the sink. 

    We removed the cabinet doors and attached this paneled skirt. Not only were the cabinet doors not in the best shape, it was also an excuse to get some more pattern and texture into a room where there are normally not a ton of opportunities to do that. You know I always want more pattern! 





    Cabinet Pulls 


    For hardware, I 2-day Primed these honeys and they ended up being the perfect scale and low-key gold tone. This kitchen only has two drawers but to avoid patching holes, I picked up two t-shaped pulls from Hobby Lobby that I love and blend well with the Amazon pulls for the cabinets. 


    Glory Day Loflin 


    This little kettle from Glory Day Loflin, makes me so so happy and is the perfect fun addition to the space. 




    For the walls and this server, I went with Sherwin Williams Extra White. Never did I ever think that I would paint walls in my house white. Never, but I am so on board now. Possibilities are endless with white walls. I can do anything with white walls. The world is my oyster with white walls. 


    But seriously, this was the best way to balance the yellow and I'm now a major fan of the white wall. 



    These pulls came from Hobby Lobby and were cream colored bone pattern. I dry brushed over them with some black paint, letting the bone pattern show through and then sealed them with Mod Podge. 



    Floral Fabric 


    I added in drapes in a colorful floral with just a touch of yellow. 



    I keep these handy for any urges to ever make a frittata. 




    And here's a look into the entry way. Lots of dogs. Lots of citrus hues. Just what I like. A friend painted goes gorgeous lemons for me and they make me so so happy. 



    Happy Day, Friends! 


    XO, Amanda Louise