• Amanda Louise at Home | Home Tour

    'New Year, New House' right!? Not quite, but we do have a new roommate which inevitably means things have been changing! We thought it was as good a time as any time to invite you in for a little tour of my own personal digs where Kevin, Lula, Maisy and I reside.

    Of course along with this new human comes all the baby things such as the high chair and bassinets that you’ll see sprinkled about (and a whole lot of items that light up and sing that I swore I would never have which didn’t make the photos for obvious reasons).

    We’ve taken it slow, knocking out one space at a time and making our home of 2 years feel like our own.

    D I N I N G  N O O K

    Stepping in the back door, this little space off the kitchen serves lots of purposes: Our only dining area since moving the ALI headquarters to my home (more on that later), a catch all for mail plus all the items you come in with daily, and it happens to also be an extension of our kitchen which isn't included in this tour because it remains on the 'to do' list. A black tulip table with a collection of chairs and coordinating bench, bright poppy art and collected boxes and urns gathering said mail, keys, etc. make this a welcoming spot after a long day.

    L I V I N G  R O O M

    Our living room cabinetry was one of the first spots we tackled after moving in. The cabinetry was there but was in need of a coat of yellow paint (of course) to harken back to our little yellow kitchen from days past and then we added shelves. If there’s one thing that I love, it’s a collection. Shelves are key to showcasing collections and especially with a little one now, they are also key to protecting them! All the little bits and pieces that we’ve picked up over time adds personality to this space and the addition of wallpaper makes this space read as a solid unit, keeping it from getting too busy. Furnishing the room came together with items that I’ve bought and collected because I love them and not necessarily purchasing for the space, making for a collected and curated look. We love to spend time in this space as a family but it also serves as the perfect party spot with the addition of a killer cheese board and Leon Bridges Radio

    O F F I C E

    Earlier this summer, when we knew I would be taking maternity leave, we moved the ALI headquarters to the dining room that wasn’t getting much use. For now, our little team sits at a collection of home made desks from doors and saw horses that IMO look quite chic for the whole $75 that they cost to put together. I wasn’t so sure about how this office setup would fit into our home (or work/home life balance, if I'm being honest) but surprisingly, it’s one of my favorite spots and it's been a joy to work from home!

    E N T R Y

    The entryway is a main traffic area through the house so mounting this desk on the wall as an entry table keeps furniture from being in the way. The space needed a pop of color and with walls flowing into other rooms a big bold stripe mapped out with painters tape was the best way to pack a punch.

    M A S T E R

    To be honest, the lay out of this room is weird. Nothing is centered and the bed can only fit staggered in front of a window… so we rolled with it and about 2 hours before we had a party, on the off chance that someone wanted a tour of the whole house, I tacked up wallpaper and tried to make it work. We’ve added in art and furniture from our previous master and although it is all sort of thrown together and still needs a real reboot, I have to say... it’s pretty darn cozy.

    M A S T E R  B A T H

    Proof that wallpaper is everything! The tub was pink, the tile was beige and green, the floor was linoleum. I started by painting the heck out of it with some porch and deck enamel to buy us some time, added bright, colorful wallpaper that tied all the colors together from my friend Teresa Roche, added a custom shower curtain that raised your eyes up and called it a day!

    L U L A  L A N D

    Possibly the happiest room ever? I may be partial, but I knew when designing this space that I wanted it to be bright, I wanted a little yellow and I also wanted the addition of a coral-ish hue, I wanted lots of art, natural textures and did I say lots-o-art!? My buddy, Dorothy Shain helped me by designing a custom wallpaper for Lula and also creating Lula's very first piece of art that hangs above the crib. We checked all the boxes and now, even with the addition of some not so cute baby necessities and a little spit up it’s still my fave.

    H A L L  B A T H

    Again, this is a wallpaper story. This vintage bath was in need of some life and pattern on the wall made all the difference without breaking the budget. Vintage sinks got skirts to make them cute and a vintage colored vintage cabinet was the cherry on top.

    D E N

    The downstairs den is the chillest spot for sure. It honestly feels like a cabin in Highlands when the fire’s roaring and a good book is in hand. This spot is destined to become a playroom and I am already scheming all the fun additions for my girl.

    L A U N D R Y  R O O M

    Praise be for the laundry room for reals. When we moved in, laundry was in the garage and we had this little utility room that was perfect for it’s new home. Not to be dramatic but... THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. Not sure how we ever had clean underwear before but alas, we made it.

    P O R C H

    I don't care that it's January, bring back porch weather ASAP. This is the spot 3 seasons of the year and I can’t wait to get back outside. We made the space extra cozy with lots of textiles and furniture that meets all the needs of lounging, dining and entertaining friends!



    So, there you go. Hope you enjoyed hanging for a bit. I can’t wait to get to work on our next projects and share those with you in the coming months!