• Amanda Louise at Home | Lula's Nursery

    Surely it won't surprise anyone to hear that I have been planning my child's nursery since Lula was only a twinkle in my eye which, of course, made it nearly impossible to narrow down the possibilities once it finally came time to pull it all together. The main priorities were clearly color + pattern ... and functionality + storage were somewhere up there too, I suppose. My goal was for this space to be a happy place that appeared to have been curated over time rather than come straight from the box. This meant shopping vintage for some pieces (i.e. the dresser & rattan changing table) while incorporating new items with clean, modern lines (i.e. the crib & minty green bookshelves). 

    While I had a head full of ideas, I knew I wanted my trusted / uber-talented pal Dorothy Shain to weigh in on the design process. After a couple brainstorm parties, Dorothy created a custom pattern that is both bold and feminine to cover Lula's walls (email holler@dorothyshain.com for deets and ordering info!). I was asked approximately 25x a day whether her nursery was yellow, so I like that the wallpaper brings in an unexpected color and love the balance it creates with the graphic jute rug. With that being said, you know I couldn't leave out my one, true color crush -- enter the yellow closet and yellow accents scattered throughout the space. 

    With pattern on all the walls, I went simple and solid on the drapes but had to bring in just a touch more pattern with a Teresa Roche pillow and a knock-out collage by aforementioned, uber-talented pal, Dorothy Shain. This room quickly filled up with even more goodies from so many special people in mine, Kevin's, and now Lula's life! Books and toys, blankets and teeny tiny sweaters... all these things added up to create the coziest and most cherished place in our home.