• Amanda Louise At Home | New Digs

    Welcome to the new digs! Our tri-level 1960ish brick oasis, full of charm and blank canvas ready to get the heck decorated out of it. Although she was totally move-in ready, we’ve got lots of plans for each space and plan to take it slow and steady to make this really feel like our home.  

    The condo was starting to get tight and it didn’t really make sense to keep painting things yellow with the plans of renting it out looming in our heads... it was time for Chapter 2. I needed windows and projects and luckily we traded it in for both.

    Without really even being on the lookout, and barely mentioning to our realtor that we were getting ready to look later in the summer, the best realtor in all the land (or at least Greenville County), Courtney Madden got it right on the first try. The day after I mentioned what we would be looking for, our house popped up on the market. We went to see it, realized that it felt like home, and moved forward with making it ours. I said I wanted brick… check. I said I wanted character… check. (Hello, pink sinks!) Kevin said he wanted to be closer to hiking trails… check. Maisy said that she wanted a yard full of squirrels… check. And we all said in unison that we wanted a screen porch… CHECK.

    I didn’t realize that, creatively, I was lacking a project of my own - where I’m the only client to please (because luckily, Kevin has very few opinions on the subject of decorating). I’ve always treated my own space as a laboratory where nothing was permanent and anything goes. All that to say- I’m feeling inspired and my brain's about to explode with ideas for all these spaces.

     So let’s take a walk around the place and I’ll fill you in on all the plans, which will most likely take years to execute and change a few times. Everything is just where it landed from the move and I’ve barely put any holes in the walls (I know, shocking!)… but alas! Here we go and here she is in her "BEFORE" state

     We’ve got a few things that are up first for the whole house and then we plan to take it room by room.

     First up,  

    1)    Paint all the walls white. Although we finally have windows, I still want to bring in as much light as possible. So, all the walls, trim, ceilings are going SW Extra White. This is obviously not the approach everyone should take but with my love for all things maximalist, I think a white backdrop is just the ticket to let all the textiles and artwork make a big impact. This will also be a great starting point for any color or paper that I want to add later in case this all white approach doesn’t jive with my color senses.

    2)    Change all the lighting. We did manage to get rid of two tiny fans that were in the dining room, but other than that, I’ve just been slowly choosing/ordering lights for the rest of the spaces and we plan to have those all changed at once. In several rooms there are fans and no lights, and because I like light and fans make me feel like I’m going to burst into seizure at any moment… they gotta go. In our upstairs living room, the lighting is pretty much non existent so we plan to add cans and a chandelier in there.

    E N T R Y W A Y

    That’s us and the house. Heyyyyy! The front door won’t stay brown for long and there are probably some window boxes on the horizon. But let's get to it and head on into the entry way. All the walls in the whole place are going white and for now I’m just trying to narrow down a new light for the space. I found that big ol’ piece of art at Cottage Grove Vintage a few weeks ago because apparently all of our art is condo sized. This big canvas moved around and finally found it’s spot in the entry where I love it. All paired with a vanity from Ballard a few years ago and Nate Berkus stools.  

    K I T C H E N

    We love the layout of the kitchen, but the tanish cabinets gotta be brighter. The plan is to go chartreuse on the lowers and pantry and White on the uppers and the built in china cabinet. The tile countertop will stay for now, and then the black formica will turn to butcher block which will add some warmth and you know, not be formica. For now, we are enjoying the little sitting area in there, we just have to change the light to some kind of woven pendant that will tie to the warmth of the butcher block.

    L I V I N G  R O O M

    The first thing happening in this space are some rad built-ins by the talented John Fulton. He’s taking the space over the cabinets and changing the countertop to a thick chunk of wood, and then adding two big floating shelves in the inset above the cabinets. Then, the cabinets are going yellow, and wallpaper is going in the back. I knew this needed to happen the moment we walked in the house the first time. Then, we will add overhead lighting and refresh some furniture down the road… but first we just wait for those builtins!

    D I N I N G  R O O M

    For the dining room, the plan is to add a banquette. A big beautiful banquette. Luckily, we ditched the set of tiny fans and went ahead and hung the white chandelier. The addition of some other white funky chairs on the ends will be just the ticket to spice up my Nana’s old table. From there, it’s all about art and finding a bigger maybe campaign style shelf for where the secretary is now.

    T H E  P O R C H

    This space is where we are living and it has come together in a cozy way with what we already had. When we find the right thing, these settee’s will move down to the patio and we will get a comfier sofa or sectional so this space will live up to it’s lounging capabilities.



    P A T I O

    Big plans for this space… and hopefully some big parties too! It’s calling for millions and millions of string lights, right?! Well, there comin’ along with a new firepit with modern lines and some funky Adirondacks. We definitely need to get this in ship shape for fall nights. 

    D E N

    This is the space that I have the most inspiration for, which is interesting because it’s the space that we’ve spent about 25 total minutes in since we moved. Plan is, this will be the hot spot in the winter time, but as of now it’s losing to the screen porch every time we think about where we want to watch TV or just sit. However, making this our winter wonderland will include some comfy swivel chairs, a long narrow ottoman, a rug to layer on the carpet, a big ol’ gallery wall anchoring the wall where the red credenza is, more art over the sofa, and eventually a oval tulip table where the red credenza is to use as a workspace.


    L A U N D R Y  R O O M

    The laundry room is essentially an empty closet as of now. The former owner had a sauna in this room that they took with them, leaving the perfect relocation spot for the current garage laundry situation. I’m dreaming of a hexagon brick floor, blue cabinets, a poppy backsplash and a rad light. All along with a vintage cast iron washboard sink that I snagged from a demolition. 

    G U E S T   B A T H

    What might be my favorite room in the house, welcome to “Pink Sink Bathroom” as we are affectionately calling it. These sinks sold me on the house. I know they are a little mauve-y, but I dig them so much and once there’s more poppy wallpaper paired with them, they are going to look all sorts of vintage-rad. They also are about to get skirted in a fun Lulie Wallace print that is going to basically turn their life around. Kevin is not so sold on the pink sinks, but I’m going to put them in their best light, and I know that things will change.


    G U E S T  R O O M S

    There’s technically two bedrooms that aren’t being used right now. One is the storer of the art and one the holder of the brown furniture. Each have zero plans at the moment but they will come… and for now they hold the extra stuff.


    M A S T E R

    This room was apparently two at some point and, although we love the space, it makes for a strange layout. We played around with different options and after much shuffling, it was determined that this was the best spot for the bed… so we just have to make it not weird and feel balanced with art work and shades or drapes. Stay tuned for that because my wheels are still turning. Maisy’s sofa will scoot over to the end of the bed and then two comfy chairs will enter for a little sitting nook. Along with another rug and textiles, this space just needs a little figuring out and a lot of love.



    O N  S U I T E

    The Master closet is in the running with fave space in the house and it was definintely what I was most jazzed about… you know just having space to feel organized is basically the bomb and coming from a tiny condo closet, I am more than ready to be organized.

    The master bath used to be part of the pink sink bathroom (hence the pink tub) but that tub went solo when the previous owners decided to incorporate it into the on suite. Again, to give the pink some life, wallpaper is key and this Teresa Roche painting that is soon to be converted into wallpaper is going to make a world of difference in the pizzaz department. We are also going to paint stripes on the linoleum to give it a little life for the time being.


    So there you go! A little look into what we got goin’ on. We cannot wait to get these projects rollin and, of course, we'll share as we knock them out! In the meantime, feel free to check out some of my finds and we can be twinsies ;)



    Images by Emily Bolt