• Art Makes The Room | Vol. 1

    Art Makes the Room! Words we live by and you should too. It is absolutely no secret around here that I love original art. I love the artists that create it, I love buying it, I love gifting it, I love just laying my eyes on it and I especially love using it in spaces that we create. So often the addition of Art is where the room comes to life and I think there is no better way to add your personality in and make a place feel like home.

    When buying art, I’ve taken every approach. I’ve bought to fit a certain space, I’ve bought to compliment a certain color scheme, and I’ve implemented the most fun/my favorite approach… buying a piece because you just love it. Often clients have pieces of art that they have collected over the years and I always love using those pieces as the jumping off point for their space. This series is going to be all about buying that art that you’re drawn to and creating a space around it.

    Starting with our gal pal Dorothy Shain we are so excited to launch our new monthly series “Art Makes the Room". Each month we will be introducing you to one of our favorite artist friends and creating a shopable space around an available piece of their work… and there might just be some giveaways to boot.

    Image by Emily Bolt

    So onward to this month’s feature! Dorothy Shain is a contemporary artist from Greenville, SC who loves color and pattern as much as yours truly. Much of Dorothy’s work is fueled by travel and we were thrilled to build a room around her piece “Coto Coffee Farm Dreaming”. Bold Color and Bold Pattern translate into a living space where the Artwork steals the show and the other components sing the back up melodies.


    Our hope with this series is that we will inspire others to incorporate art into their own homes without hesitation. Good news for you, we are giving away one of Dorothy's infamous Bikini Prints to help someone get started! Check out our Instagram post for all the deets!