• Art Makes The Room | Vol. 3

    I firmly believe that there is no better way to insert your personality into you home, than with the addition of original art. It might sound dramatic but curating a collection of art that represents your taste is like baring a little bit of your soul to those that you bring into your home. And I’m all about buying that piece of art you love, and letting it dictate the other elements of a space.

    That’s why we introduced our series “Art Makes the Room” and here we are at volume number three already! With each volume we feature an artist, an available piece of their work, and build a shoppable space around it, making it easy peasy for you to bring art into your home.

    So, now that you know what kind of party you’re at, let me introduce our artist for the month, Hillary Butler! Hillary is an abstract artist from Memphis and we are crushing hard. We love the way that Hillary used intense color paired with soft hues to create the perfect balance within the piece. Using her piece "Tamara"  as the jumping off point for a dining room space, we let the other layers come together one by one, not matching the art, but accenting it and letting it shine!

    We hope you'll take the time to browse Hillary's website and enjoy getting to know her! We also sincerely hope you consider supporting your local artists this Holiday season. Hillary has made this easy for one lucky person by giving away one of her very own pieces! Scroll down to see what you could win and visit our Instagram page to find out how!