• Art Makes the Room | Vol. 8

    To everything there is a season, and that means that this is our very last Art Makes the Room (at least for now). We’ve gone throughout an entire “virtual” house and loved showing you how to make art shine in your space since introducing the series. Here are the rooms in case you missed them:


    AMTR started as a little love letter to art and artists everywhere, but now that little letter has grown to be more of a full fledge romance novel with the introduction of The Campbell Collective. We will be saying hello a new artist every other week along with releasing their work on TCC so that you can purchase a piece (or three) for yourself!

    So to finish off with a bang (and in an effort to transition seamlessly), we’ve featured one of our very own TCC artists, Kathleen Jones.  We introduced her a few weeks back and today we are featuring one of her available pieces in a super groovy library. 

    So let’s snuggle into a big, comfy velvet sofa, have a nightcap, and say 'see ya later' to AMTR. Just squint, stare at your screen, and you’ll feel like you’re partying with us, promise. If that doesn't work, we have linked the entire room so that you can make it happen in your own home.
    And don't you worry, the last AMTR is no different than the rest - Kathleen is parting with the gorgeous piece below in order to give one lucky winner the jumpstart they need on an art-inspired room. Find this image on IG to learn how to win!
    Amanda Louise