• Amanda Louise At Home | Summer 2018

    Welcome to my home, friends!

    Well, welcome to our old home. This home tour has been on the blog cue for a few months now and I had no idea it would be the last time we would share our sweet little condo jam packed full of all the things with y’all.

    This condo has been pretty darn good to Kevin, Maisy and I over the past years and it does make me a little sad to see all these pictures and know that all those walls are blank now and the yellow cabinets are white once again (gasp, I know)!

    But, the exciting thing is that we have moved and are getting settled in to a brand new (to us) space that will soon be blowing up the blog.

    How about we take one last spin around Le Condo and remember the good times?

    Let’s start in the master. BC when you have guests over, that’s a super obvious place to start a tour.  

    Those walls – I hated them, and now I love them and unfortunately I have no idea what color it is. They are the only thing remaining from the condos bachelor days. Back then Kevin had them paired with hunter green and maroon, it was TERRIBLE. But, now paired with all the citrus hues it totally works. Proof that who you surround yourself with matters. They will make you totally terrible or totally rad.

    The lamps were a vintage find that I painted with high gloss Benjamin Moore Advance paint in Split Pea and the bedding is an array of Target, vintage textiles, and Schumacher goodness on the shams.  We topped the room off with art, and the room took on a feel for southern comfort. I commissioned my friend Dorothy Shain to paint the Edisto scene over the bed and surrounded it with other art that made me feel like I was kayaking in my fave place in all the land (with the cutie pictured below obvs.)

     Now to the Living Room!

    This room was certainly my favorite in the condo and where we spent the majority of our time. Filled with all of my favorite things like the big, gold lamps that my grandmother bought for me, some prized pieces of art, and all of the dog figurines. All of them.

     Kevin started buying me dog figurines a few years ago for all of our special occasions. I had started a little collection for myself, and I guess he saw how darn happy those ceramic pups made me and off it went. Possibly out of hand now, but would I have it any other way? And do I mind that it makes me a figurine person? Not even a little bit.

    A big yellow sofa and a big red credenza can quickly take a room to ketchup and mustard land -so the intro of blue was key to this room not becoming a hot dog. Enter those pleated shades that I very proudly made myself and didn’t pay the $500 a piece for that ordering would have entailed. If I get it together sometime there might possibly be a tutorial but it basically included hours of pleating and hot gluing and I don’t know that I would embark on the mission again. Glad I did it, but maybe never again. Here’s a check for $1000. Jk, Jk, but really.

    The room holds an array of textiles – which is just what I like paired with all the art. I started with the big yellow dog that Glory Day Loflin masterpieced a few years ago. I then galleried it up with other dog art and abstracts.

    The dining room housed our china cabinet and a wood table, which worked being open to the living room and all of its textile plushness. To break things up in the art dept. I opted for blue and white plates flanking the cabinet.

    A bamboo server with pull out sides for extra space sits on the other side of the room as a place to display art and books. This was the spot in the condo that was always changing.

    Lastly, we end up in the kitchen which you can see more of here. This little room was special too. Jam packed for entertaining but the yellow hue made it happy all the time.

    We were so flattered when Talk Greenville wanted to feature the condo in the May issue and what a fitting last hoorah! You can see that story here!

    We couldn’t be more pleased to move onto new digs and my brain is basically about to explode from all the ideas / projects. Can N O T wait to show you inside and share plans but this is it. A brick tri-level that’s been updated enough that we can take one project at a time room by room – but not too updated where I can’t still put my stamp on it!

    Thanks for following along for the whole ride and I hope you'll stick around for the next chapter!


    Amanda Louise