• Campbell Porch

    Its time for a porch partay and you’re invited! Here at the Campbell Abode, we take our porch sitting very seriously. From the end of pollen season to the last warm day of fall, you can find us here. She’s not big but she’s functional and transitional and isn’t that the best kind of space.

    Since we moved in a year ago, there’s been at least ten iterations of what this porch is. We’ve had a tv out here and it’s been fall football central, it’s been dinner party land and it’s been where the books pile up for a slow, slow Sunday. Moral of the story, it’s our fave spot and we make the most of it.

     I love for a porch to feel like an extra room in the house, so we don’t hold back on putting real furniture out here. My favorite way to make that happen without feeling constantly worried about moisture or dust, is to find reasonable vintage pieces that have already lived a bit of a life… just to take the pressure off.

    I also love the use of real art on porches and have found that if a piece is painted wood panel, prepped well and hung out of the way of direct sun or water, these guys can happily live in outdoor spaces and add so much personality. Or the piece hung over the sofa was also vintage and found for pennies, making its longevity low stakes.

    June has been prime porch month so far, even with all the rain and we are celebrating with the latest porch layout and a summer snack bar perfect for the heat.

    I hope that this gives you some inspiration to take your living outdoors this summer and do it in a way that feels just as relaxed as laying on the sofa.


    Amanda Louise

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