• The Color Cottage

    It wasn't too long after meeting Pat (or as I came to lovingly call her, 'Trish') that I realized we were match made in design heaven! Coming out of a dark time, Pat was ready to mark the next chapter with light, color, pattern, art and general happiness -- a task my team and I took on willingly.  A little cottage from Hartness Construction was the perfect fit for our client but we were determined to make a big impact within the small square footage. 

    When it came to the exterior, color-intentionality was key. Keeping the palette overall neutral was important in keeping with the surrounding community, but we were careful in selecting the perfect hues of coral and blue for the door and shutters - colors that would be carried into the rest of the home (a little color-preview if you will). We softened things up with some comfy chairs, bright textiles, and a bamboo cart on the porch to make the space both livable and personal.

    Once you step inside, all notions of subtleness go out the window. Feminine pattern on the walls, layered with a bold piece of furniture and art set the stage for all that's to come. Given the size of the home, it was more important than ever that each room play well together. 


    In the living room, nothing was off the table. Comfy seating from Rowe Furniture, an eclectic mix of textiles (including the perfect, reads neutral but is def not neutral drape from one of our faves), a vintage rug and of course, that can't-be-missed, holy-moly, eyecatcher from the one and only Mary Singleton.


    From there we move into the kitchen - A.K.A the perfect vantage point for hosting wine nights, girls' dinners, you name it. We made the decision to lengthen the windows on either side of the range and commissioned the perfect florals from Jean Wilson Freeman to mimic the shape of said windows. We love that the color in this pair perfectly compliments the cool color palette used in the kitchen, bringing a touch of a coral to speak to the pops throughout the living space.

    Speaking of coral, let's visit the guest room I low key wish was my main room, shall we?!  The main players are obviously the oversized lumbar covered in Lulie Wallace and the knockout piece from Teresa Roche, but the pops of coral on lamps, drapes, and furniture pieces from the lovely ladies at Cottage Grove Vintage keep the room from going too "sweet" and perfectly compliment it's accompanying bathroom...

    Now, Pat and I were on the same page 99.9% of the time but this one took some convincing and I am happy to say it turned out beautifully! A tone on tone, bold as it gets, guest bath was what this white-walled home needed and that tone happened to be this deep, gorgeous coral. We broke things up with a white vanity and curtains, plus a few blue accents, but we needed a wow factor, and wow is what we went for. 

    As the saying goes: last but certainly not least: the Master Suite. We never want to skimp on the art, color, fabrics, etc. when it comes to a Master bedroom, so we didn't! We wanted this space to be both cozy and glamorous. A gorgeous white, 4-poster bed, and all white bedding created the perfect setting for the color in art, lamps, and textiles to really have a moment.  Once again, Jean Wilson Freeman saves the day when it came to maneuvering unique window placements with her dreamy cloud pairing. Next we added a Josh Jenson piece from Art & Light that brought the room full circle. That being said, we did have a pesky corner that needed a little somethin', somethin' but then we received Jennifer Allevato's landscapes over at The Campbell Collective it was a no brainer... they needed to find their home in Pat's Master. 

    With the bathroom vanity facing directly into the master bedroom, we were gifted the perfect opportunity to make a bold statement via wallpaper from Teresa Roche (I tried to tell you she was a fave) and tall, chic mirrors. Sprinkle in color through shower tile and a pair of vintage rugs, and you have that "so fresh and so clean" vibe on lock.

    To say my team and I had fun with this project, would be a huge understatement. We were honored Pat trusted us with the design of her "happy place" and we could barely wait to share it with you all. Just this past week, atHome featured our favorite cottage in a beautiful spread and we are so humbled by the feedback we've gotten! Keep scrolling to check out the article or *safely* snag a copy to hold in your hands if you're local!