• Classic Comfort | Guest Cottage

    The goal for this project was to create a getaway right in the back yard, that made you feel like you were instantly on vacay the moment you slouched into the sofa. A place for guests to retreat or people to congregate for snacks and such while enjoying a day by the pool. The challenge was updating the space purely cosmetically. Enter lots of paint on the walls and trim in one color to unify the backdrop and keep the canvas clean for layers of texture and pattern. We added in lots of rattan features in the living space including tables, accents and lighting from Serena and Lily to tie in the orangy tone of the cabinetry that could feel like it’s been around for a while and is a bit washed up without a chorus of backup singers keeping it fresh.

    Wallpaper in the bath is always a great idea for an instant refresh and textiles piled on the sofa in updated but classic prints gives new life to the space while throwing it back to the colors and small prints in the stretched family heirloom quilt that adorns the large wall over the banquette. Abstract art like pieces from Teresa Roche, Eileen Bythe and Alicia Armstrong at  Art and Light Gallery again compliment more traditional pieces creating a mix that feels eclectic and lived in.

    The bedroom creates a nice respite with cool greens, blues, and yellows, soft patterns, and a cozy feeling anchored by art from Ellen Rolli and Teresa Roche sure to keep those guest coming back.

    Images by Luke Cleland

    Now it’s time for vacay for sure! Happy Summer (at least almost) friends!