• Collected, Color-Blocked Living

    Ok, so this spot is literally the epitome of “All the colors, all the time”, something that I may have said once or twice… today. This is a motto that I embrace whole heartedly, but it’s not often that I meet clients who may be less afraid of color than I am, are some of the raddest peeps in all the land, and have a kick-A art collection to boot. Collectively, we decided to “Go bold, or go home”. They were already home… but, you get it.

    Textiles are pretty much where I start every process. I think it’s the most impactful way to bring color into a space and the mix of hues and patterns is my favorite part of the process. We started there with the Schumacher Butterfly print as our launch pad. Then, dissecting that pattern we took a bold hue for each other component of the room to create a color blocked feel. Just using fabrics that more or less read as solids for the rest of the space, kept our bold, colorful vision alive but allowed the Butterflies to be the life of the party. Blue for the sofa, dark orange for the ottoman, my fave hue for the club chairs, a funky pattern in a myriad of similar hues for the swivel chairs and there ya have it.

    To balance the space, the mantle went blue as well to mimic the opposite sofa and from there it was all about the layers. Art and accessories are the key players in bringing personality into spaces and it’s important to use things you love to make a space feel authentically you.

    Images by Luke Cleland

    So, moral of this story is… (1) color blocking is cool, (2) collect stuff you love to add personality to your space, and (3) don’t be afraid to make some bold choices. YOLO (I’m going to put my head down and walk away now, because I don’t think anyone has actually said that since 2011).


    Amanda Louise