• Color Burst Living Room

    When someone pops in our inbox telling us they want their space to feel "new again", I do my happy dance because, well, it's kind of my most favorite thing to do! So many times we get "too close" to our own homes. That is, in a figurative way, not in the way you may be feeling too close to your house these days... 
    You don't have to move to a new neighborhood or fully renovate to crave some change within your walls but after living in the same space, with the same stuff we often hit a roadblock when it comes to rearranging and/or redecorating. Today's space needed a new set of eyes and a whole lot of color to reflect the personalities of the peeps that live there and we were happy to provide both!
    When we entered the scene, this space had a great base of neutral walls and classic furniture. Lucky for us, our client also had a great mix in her 'art arsenal' so we were sure to build around those pieces when it came to redesigning the space. Giving your art a new home within your home is one of the best ways to liven things up. Then pairing your current collection with NEW pieces is a huge bonus and will give your room those curated feels. In this case we chose four new collages from Holly Young x The Campbell Collective to flank the room, providing some eye-pleasing symmetry. With the smaller pieces framing out the room, we wanted a larger piece to introduce some saturated color and a Josh Jensen beauty from Art and Light was what these walls were begging for!
    We kept the "foundation" light & bright with two dark pieces acting as anchors for either side of the room. Next we added some cheer with the help of some cute yellow accent chairs, a vintage rug, and an eclectic mix of patterned pillows for texture and color. Art and accessories were our crucial finishing touches topped off with a bar cart for entertaining or, these days, winding down after a long day homeschooling, staring at a laptop, crafting, gardening, cooking... you get it!
    Whatever these days and weeks look like for you, we hope you are finding rest and even joy (!!) being at home! If you haven't joined our #HappyStayingAtHomeTour on Instagram hop on over, join the fun, and show us some spaces or scenes that make you happy to be hunkered down at home!
    Stay Safe Friends!