• Color Cultured Living Room

    If I don't say this often enough, I absolutely love re-designing living rooms. It's where we spend the majority of our time, that re-charging center of our home. Where we go to relax, but also where we find ourselves gathering with friends. Hosting a happy hour or watching the National Champ (cue cadence count). It's like the heart of your home, and when I'm invited to take part in its transformation, I get all sorts of color-coma giddy. 

    This living room truly takes on the personality of it's owners. These lovers of color and pattern were on board with our plans for all the hues from day one. The lovely peeps that reside here are full of both warmth and creativity. When you're in the room with them, you get all the good vibes. So obviously, their living room should feel the same way. An uber talented artist and graphic designer, a rad real estate agent who sees too much gray in the world, their cool and crafty, gymnastics-loving daughter, and Willis, the chillest cat in all the land, abide here. We wanted them to have a space as baller as they all are. 

    We started with a few key pieces and built the rest of the room around them: the big blue beauty, the rug in my favorite shade, and those green goddesses of chairs. On top of these key pieces we layered pillow on pillow on pillow on pillow. We used an acrylic table to keep the center of the room visually open. An old door with hairpin legs acts as a perch for lamps to flank the television and a trunk serves as beautiful storage. 

    The back wall of the room, has to be my favorite part of the whole darn space. It was the best feeling, when on a snow day not too long ago, I heard the fam spent the entire day by the window with a cheese tray and a stack of books. My dream life, basically. We had the custom window seat built by John Fulton and his uber talented team at Summit Design Woodwork. It truly is the best perch. 

    The client's have a great art collection of pieces that they created and gathered.  That's Gary there on the wall. He was the homeowner's friend in college and when going through a nutso stack of paintings and prints by the homeowner, I thought Gary and his stack of books needed a prominent place on the wall nodding back to the days of art school.

    Huge moments of high/low here. We spent where it counted, like with the Schumacher Chiang Mai used on big cushy pillows... because it compares to no other. We went all out on the staple pieces of the room but brought in so many crazy deals, like the green velvet pillows in the reading nook that were literally $5.99 from World Market, vintage accessories sourced locally from some of my favorite Greenville spots: Rock House Antiques and Cottage Grove Vintage

    So this space is a personal fave. It's extra rewarding when you just jive with clients, enjoy the same pallets and patterns, and they are down to let you do your thing. We set up some Pinterest action so you can get the look here. Peace, friends. 

    Photos: Luke Cleland