• Color, Pattern and Art Partay... Living Room

    We just wrapped up phase one of this project. A brick ranch that was stuck in the 70s, transformed to a space filled with all the color, all the pattern, all the art... and there are dogs too. So this project is basically my mantra and everything I love. Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be sharing this homes dining room, master bedroom, office/craft room and today, the living room. In a matter of days (maybe hours at this point), the kitchen/powder room/sunroom are getting demoed and I can't wait to see how our scheme comes together in the next few weeks for phase dos. 




    This room was oh-so dark, so drywall replaced dark wood paneling and the walls were painted a color that I'm sure you've heard around here, SW Worldly Gray: a soft, warm, neutral gray that plays well with any tone. The dark brick fireplace went bright white and there our canvas was made. 




    We started with our base of furniture: A sofa with greek key arm detail layered on top of a sofa table creates depth in the space. This is one of my favorite tools for rooms where you feel like all the furniture needs to be along the walls for traffic flow, etc. A sofa table creates a layer of interest, a place for lighting, and a surface. A large storage credenza anchors the football season-sized television. Two comfy chairs, some occasional seating and a bookcase help to add seating, display space, and create depth. Keeping these base pieces fairly neutral gave us all the opportunities to add layers in the color and pattern depot.




    These clients like color, pattern and art as much as I do, so this project was especially fun, figuring out the perfect mix that represents them. We layered in a big blue rug, textiles, art and accessories to add the personality. Client collab is always key to having a space feel representative of the people who live there and especially in the art department. Field trips to Art and Light Gallery were made to find the perfect pieces to fill the walls. The end result was a collected mix on our gallery wall, with Kiah Bellows (over the sofa) and Mary Ann Forehand (over the mantle) headlining the show. 




    You can get the look at the bottom of the page or on Pinterest




    I know this living room is getting plenty of attention this Sunday am. I can see coffee drinking and movie watching on the sofa, a dad comfy on his chair, and dogs sprawled on the rug... nice and slow, like Sunday mornings should be. 





    Photos: Luke Cleland