• Color Splash Dining

    Can we agree that we are all in need of a healthy dose of spring? I’m talking blue skies, meadows of pink flowers, and green grass need to take over this dreary thing we’ve had going on for a while, and lucky for y’all this dining room’s got all the right vibes. The onset of spring also urges us to get our spaces in order and start thinking spring and summer entertaining – two things that I’m a fan of.

    This space needed to not only be a dining room for dinners, but also serve as homework spot for the younger bunch of the fam and act as party central for friends and family alike. Enter table and chairs for dining, barstools for homeworking and a bar for partying. Check, check, check.

    The color scheme was all about brightening the space. Even though there are windows, the big fireplace smack dab in the middle felt dark and heavy in unpainted stone. So, we painted the stone white, changing the whole feel of the space in one fail swoop. Light and bright textiles support the endeavor along with pops of color with paint and artwork.

    The bar took shape with two ready made cabinets painted bright blue from the hardware store sandwiched around a bev fridge and an ikea butcher block countertop on top. An easy project that the clients tackled in a few weekend adding a custom element and purpose to the space!

    Images by Luke Cleland

    The finishing touches were all about the balance of function and form. Local artwork and a mantle full of pretties are balanced by minimal styling on the dining table to keep it open for use and function and form intersect at the bar scene where pretty bottles and glasses are certainly there for enjoyment. 

    So – let’s all get ready for parties to welcome Spring! In the meantime, soak up this bright springy space, squint your eyes, and pretend you’re in a warm, dry, balmy meadow.