• Designer Spotlight | Jana Bek

    After a little break from the blog last week a la Labor Day, this week our post is coming in with a gushy gush fest over one of our favorite brands/designers/friends -- Jana Bek Designs. Jana is an interior designer along with having a long list of uniquely designed products including fabric, wallpaper + what we are focusing on today, ginger jars and one of my favorite things ever – L A M P S. Jana’s work and lamps include color and pattern in a unique way – fresh, happy, and understated. Her lamp line started with the classic brushstroke which we have used in several projects. These beauties bring in color in a soft understated way that adds a hand-painted element to the room and serves as A R T.

    Images by Cameron Reynolds (above)

    Adding to the classic brushstroke lamps, Jana Bek Design has added a gamut of new shapes an styles to their repertoire and we are here for all of them… but possibly with one clear favorite – the Mini Scribble. The mini found its way into three recently photographed and it was the perfect tiny addition to each.

    Images by Luke Cleland

    Lighting is an element of projects that can lie flat or make a big statement. We are always down with the big statements. And… we might just know how you can accomplish that statement (insert winky face and up arrow emojis here).