• Dining Dreams

    I believe in living bigger, bolder, and having your home be a true extension of your personality. As such, when I'm asked to work on more than one room, I put extra effort into making the flow of these spaces known. When a living room and adjacent dining room just jive, it's really good vibes only. There's a way to go about this without particularly seeing double, or getting too matchy matchy. That's why, when my clients from last week's living room reveal asked me to go on with my bad self and also design their dining area, I set out to create a space that seamlessly worked from living to dining, and back again. Often times we use both of these rooms to invite, comfort, and entertain our loved ones. Thus, you know it's gotta be epic.
    So for this space, we chose what might be my favorite wallpaper in the whole entire wide world to add interest to the back wall. With this being an open space to the living room, there was only one wall that it made sense to paper, but I love how it draws your eye to the back of the space and creates layers. 
    We let the rug and wall color mimic each other and by doing that, they act as neutrals that we built on with vibrant primaries. The client's already had the furniture pieces in the space and we just strategically updated them. The corner cabinet was painted to pull a color in from the living room and we put Schumacher fabric on the chairs that also brings in color represented on the big, beautiful, pattern-positive sofa.
    We paired the traditional furniture with this modern pendant from Anthro and brought in a mixture of vintage and modern accessories to pull the two styles together. With the open plan, some extra space serves as a little reading nook with a comfy chair that can be pulled into the living room for extra seating when needed. 
    There's a space that comes up every now and then, that you just really wish you could keep for yourself and this living/dining combo is def one of them. I mean, that wallpaper is everything my dreams are made of.