• Friendly Foyer

     Come on in, friends! Let’s talk about entryways and how they need to be as rad, or radder than the rest of your house. These spots set the tone and let your guests know what you’re all about -  so let’s make them pretty!

    I think there are some main components that are the key to a successful spot to say hello and goodbye… and this client’s foyer is a prime example.

    First of all, I think there’s no better way to create interest than with wallpaper. Especially in spaces with lots of doors and not a lot of opportunity to add in textiles and art for color and pattern, starting with wallpaper can be a great way to make the space feel complete and tie all the other elements together in an attempt to avoid the look of hodge podge.

    Secondly, a spot to check yourself in the form of a mirror is a necessity. Everyone needs one last glance before sprinting out the door or a quick hair and makeup check on the way into the party so make sure the opportunity is given!

     A place to perch is never a bad idea either whether for throwing your shoes on or zipping up your sweater Mr. Rogers style. A bench or chair can add a bit of cozy and are also great transitional pieces that you can pull up to the table when you need extra seating for guests.

    A rug with texture or pattern are always what I lean to for these high traffic areas. Something in a durable material that won’t show every little bit of dirt that is inevitably getting tracked in is the best way to go for these spaces.  

    For lighting, I like a combination of overhead light and lamp light when possible. I love flipping off the overhead and welcoming evening guests with the lamps dim to set the mood for a relaxed dinner.

    Lastly, add in the personality with art, plants, flowers and accessories. In this entry, a little propped Dorothy Shain piece, plants, a box to drop your keys or change in finish everything off and your good to go (or come) with all the components of a successful entry way!


    XO, AL