• Functional Formal Living

    Between juggling a suddenly-mobile babe and trying to do life / work during a pandemic, I have failed to do some of our favorite projects justice. Today we are getting back on the ball and sharing a project that is as functional as it is funky! We combined some British drawing room vibes based off a luxurious Chesterfield sofa and some classic furniture the client had in the room previously, with clean lines on tables and 2 sets of bold, modern chairs 
    These days 'formal' living rooms serve as flex spaces: we've seen them transformed into playrooms, home offices, and ultimate viewing party venues. Our clients needed their room to function as both an office space and an entertaining space on occasion. This translated to lots of seating options, a big ol' coffee table, and a pair of desks, one on either side of the fireplace, for symmetry and double the workspace. 
    Nestled between two papered rooms, it was important that we continued the emphasis on pattern into this room. Taking the same approach as we did with furniture, we decided to combine some more traditional, or formal, textiles with the geometric chairs. We continued the same trend with art, mixing several styles and mediums. Two large commissions from Marquin Campbell above each desk provide a big impact, contribute to the symmetry of the room, and tie in some warmer colors.


    We are firm believers that homes are meant to be *lived* in so we loved that this room could transition so easily - from a quiet place away from the main living spaces to get in some work, to the perfect room to enjoy after-dinner drinks with friends. I don't know about you, but both of these scenarios sound absolutely lovely to me right now!