• Gratitude for Growth

    Dudes. Friends. Design lovers near and far,

    I'm popping in after what might be the most busy week to date to share that something big, ballin' and beautiful is most definitely a'coming. We've been working on a new website, branding, and a few other things I'm just over the moon amped to share with you. All of which have been goals I've had for a while; it feels so grand to see these items come to fruition.

    Years ago, when I first started making my love for interiors a full-time gig, I never expected the support and collaboration that would come this way. Greenville is the cats pj's, no doubt about it. The community of creatives here rules. It's given me the space to grow as a person, small business owner, and designer. And with all growth comes the grind- working late into the evening and on the weekends, learning new tricks of the trade and pushing myself to know more sets of skills. For example yesterday, Caroline and I spent the day in photography 101 (but felt like 450) with our photographer, Luke Cleland, where we learned that photography is hard AF and eventually, we'll sort of get the hang of it. All in all, we're really grateful for the places we're going, and the excitement that awaits! All good things to come. We want you to come along and we promise we will let you know where we are going really soon! 

    Photo by Luke Cleland.