• Guest Room Getaway

    I’m just going to say it… it’s time to start getting that guest room ready for the end of the year holidays. You know it’s true whether you want to admit it or not. The department stores are putting out sweaters and booties and the school supplies are flying off the shelves. Before you know it, it’s November 1st and everyone starts to panic about making space for sisters and cousins to visit in addition to the perfect dining space to make Turkey Day a real highlight.

    This year, we’re thinking we skip the stress by waiting until the last minute then having to pull together all of your leftovers from around the house to make these spaces just “okay” enough to accommodate inhabitants…. Let’s make them fab.

    First things first, splurge a little on some cozy bedding then add in some fun artwork (maybe from The Campbell Collective?!), a dresser with ample storage so peeps can actually unpack, and a headboard that makes this place feel like a 5-star getaway. Place some fluffy, clean towels at the end of the bed the night before the guests arrive and you’re set!

    We had a ton of fun putting together this guest retreat and would definitely be thinking of a reason to visit again if we had accommodations as welcoming as these. If you’re like me, guest rooms tend to become a collection of all the extra things in your house you’re not sure what to do with (and it shows).

     I say it’s time to be more intentional with our guest rooms and prepare for Christmas in July! (see what I did there…) If it seems like too much, we are here to help! My AMAZING team will be around to steer the ALI ship while I take a little break in a few months to be with my new babe and we’d love to get ANY room in your home ready for friends and family.