• Hall Bath Facelift

    We are all for a complete overhauls -- tearing out cabinets, busting through walls, the whole shabang (insert sledgehammer emoji). However, sometimes it just isn't necessary. When drywall dust and contractors aren't in the current plans we love to come in and give your space a good ol' facelift. Case in point, our clients' hall bath. You know the bath that all your guests use but you, not so much? Meaning you don't think of it until 5 minutes before said guests arrive...

    When it came time to show a little love to this bathroom, we knew we would need to keep costs low without minimizing the punch it needed to pack to impress visitors. This meant what it almost always means -- pattern and color. We selected a bright and serene blue for the vanity then mixed 2 patterns to play off the cabinet color. When accessories arrived on the scene we decided to layer in some unexpected colors, notably through the artwork from Campbell Collective. 

    Knobs, sink fixture and mirror went matte black while the light fixtures went chrome to keep things clean but not too uniform. Crowd-pleasing without lacking personality was what we were looking for in this frequently visited washroom in an effort to make hosting a breeze for our clients. 

    Amanda Louise