• Holiday Home Tour

    Well, it's that time of year! I have been in a mad-frenzy getting ready for our first Holiday entertaining and thought I would show y'all the house all decked out. Come on in, friends! 

    Photos: Emily Bolt Photography 

    For the tree, I pulled out all of our usual colorful ornaments- a mix of passed down pieces, vintage baubles I've picked up and my favorite set from Ballard Designs. I really wanted a tree skirt this year that wasn't the typical red and green and brought in my favorite color for any holiday - yellow. So, because I waited until the last minute, the manifestation of this tree skirt was the result of a trip to the craft store, some yellow burlap that I pleated with sewing pins, and pom poms attached via glue gun. This may not be a pass-down-to-my-grand children situation, but I love the fun and color it brings for at least a year! 

    For this side of the room, other than the tree, I kept most of the Christmas confined to the bookshelf... where santa and the nativity live in unity in the land of bottle brush trees and baubles. 


    For the sofa side of the room, that's already literally exploding with pattern and art... I kept the Christmas simple. My absolute favorite Christmas element of all time is silver tinsel garland. This version draped over the dog painting, is from Hobby Lobby and I love the way it adds festivity instantly without being too over the top. It can go straight to New Year's Day too! I also stuff these all throughout the tree to add some glitz and fullness. 


    I popped in some red Loloi pillows  and little baby tree with big bulbs and vintage style baubles - and called it a day. 


    My favorite way to get things festive this year - includes greenery everywhere and little baby baubles that from Anthro and Target. 

    For every holiday - Kevin gets me vintage dog figurines - I know, I don't really fully understnad why they make me happier than just about anything either, but they do. So they all mainly live here together (until I find a bigger cabinet!) and I gave them so festive fun, again with greenery and mini ornaments. 


    For the table and our first guests of the season, I used dishes, like these Bombay salad plates  that I use throughout the year - with some plaid napkins, greenery and baubles on repeat again, and ribbon,  it has a festive holiday vibe without anything actually being Christmas themed. 


    Here, pom poms jazz up my Trader Joes orchid. I love using the same elements in different ways to add a little bit of consistency throughout the space. I stuck to my faves... citrus, colorful baubles, pom poms and tinsel errywhere!


    I love keeping the libations handy when entertaining so I set up this barcart in the dining room all set for some Citrus Spritzers that will certainly be on repeat! I picked up a Morris Kitchens Grapefruit Hibiscus mixer at the grocery store, shook-shook-shook with gin and seltzer, garnished and YUM! A festive wreath over my Marquin Campbell abstract creates a focal point for the space and  citrus elements play with the theme of the cocktail in a fun way. 


    Merry Christmas, Friends! Here's to decking the halls! 

    XO, Amanda Louise