• Holiday Home Tour | At Home w/ Amanda Louise

    We’re all dreaming of a white Christmas, right? Well, we certainly were but it came a little early, it’s a little dimly lit due to a power outage, and we’re ready to trade in our white Christmas for a more mele kalikimaka kind of vibe. Despite the winter weather, we’re still very thrilled to welcome you into our holiday abode via the internet and luckily we captured the Campbell Christmas cheer while the Christmas lights were still twinkly and the shower water was still hot.

    It certainly was fun to deck out our new to us digs for the first time and use what we had in a fresh way. My philosophy with holiday decorating is to add in enough festivity to make it clearly known that Christmas has come but I like to do it in ways where all of our usual décor gets to stick around too. You know, room for everyone. This means sprigs a greenery all around, some tinsel garland here and there, and a healthy dose of bits and baubles filling bowls and trays.

     Christmas colors go far beyond the traditional red and green around here and our tree is a rainbow land of full of citrus hues and bright blues. Along with some of my favorite vintage ornaments that were my nana’s growing up, bright mirrored balls, and ornaments from my childhood, I added in blue paper lanterns to give some dimension to the tree and a set of citrus ornaments from my friend Glory Day Loflin to make this tree a little different from last year and full of my favorite things.

    A barcart that stays stocked throughout the holiday makes impromptu parties a thing that won’t send me into an absolute panic and to make the bar area feel extra holly jolly we added tinsel garland with paper poinsettias cut from construction paper and bright twinkly lights.

    Images by Emily Bolt

    So as we take respite with family and keep our fingers crossed that those twinlkly lights twinkle again soon, I’ll just be over here looking at pictures of Maisy under the tree, sipping hot cocoa and listening to the *NSYNC Christmas album on repeat because clearly it’s the best and makes me feel 8 again… you know, when snowstorms were an actual fun thing that we looked forward to and we didn’t need the internet to keep us sane.