• Laid Back Luxury

    You know when you want your master bedroom to be serene enough for a long snooze fest, a good book, a slow weekend morning… but don’t want the space to be a visual snooze fest for the eyes? We feel you and are often faced with the same dilemma. Enter exhibit A – a master getaway just seconds from the hustle and bustle of the main living area, but a true retreat with all the spa vibes and visual interest through subtle color and texture in art and textiles.

    We took a room full of dark, wood furniture and livened everything up with light and luscious tones. A large rug to ground the space and give us a palette of hues to pull from was numero uno on the list. One of my best tips is… when starting that shopping list, if there isn’t an obvious jumping off point for the room… start with your rug where you are more limited in choices than with your textiles where there are a bajillion options.

    The clients wanted a designated reading space so centered around the fireplace, we placed two chaise lounges with a light and a perch for that cup of herbal tea. Of course, these two are placed perfectly where you can stare at the collaboration art piece by my faves, Teresa Roche and Kiah Bellows. We brought in other art in the space from Teresa and piece over the dresser from my gal, Marquin Campbell.

    One of the challenges of the space was a little nook with not much purpose – Now, the perfect place to jot that thank-you or pay those bills (ugh!), thanks to a flip top desk and comfy desk chair. The bed was where the juicy color came in via textiles from Ballard and Pottery Barn mixed with pillows from The Little Design Company – A great resource for pillows in designer fabrics that don’t break the bank.

    Images by Luke Cleland


    I could certainly snuggle up with a book (or a good insta scroll) in this space with that precious pup and SNOOZE FEST the day away. I hope that it brings inspiration for a cozy retreat of your own.