• November Highlights


    This month has really been full of some exciting-humbling-big dreams kind of things. 
    Five years ago (HOW?!) to the month, I decided to pursue my passions and went out on a limb to start my own business in residential design and styling. Honestly, I was a little bitty baby who didn't know a dang thing... I was still in college studying business (but reading way more design books than ones for my classes) and just didn't know any better than to jump all the way in on what I had always loved and immersed myself in. With no real reason to believe in me or trust me, there were a few people in the beginning who whole heartedly embraced me and let me into their lives/homes. 
    One of these people trusted me to help throughout a big renovation of their 1970s ranch. The first renovation I had ever worked on. Taking a dated, boxy, chopped up, dark ranch and making it into a real spot for bright, light, open living and entertaining. It was a real fake-it-til-you-make-it situation, but together we worked through details and then transitioned into decorating the home - building a relationship that enabled us to make the house truly representative of the people who live there. 
    In the November issue of HGTV Magazine, this home was featured in a spread, highlighting the way that we incorporated family pieces into the home while still made it feel young, fresh and fun. I can't even describe how seeing this project come around full circle made me feel all the things. 
    Of course being published has been a big dream from the beginning, but for this special project that I feel like really gave me the gumption to go for it, to be highlighted, was incredibly meaningful to me. 
    Since working on this project - which honestly is one that will never be done, and is constantly evolving to meet the families needs (the best kind of project) - there have been so so many people that I owe gratitude and appreciation to for letting me do my thang and letting me help to make their homes a happier place to be. So many people who trusted me. So many people who continue to trust me to think outside the box, bring in some bold hues, and create spaces where people can live beautiful lives. 
    And if that weren't enough to make November a month bursting with gratitude and feelings, our little humble abode was featured on Design*Sponge this week. Of course DS is a constant stream of inspiration and to be added to the mix of interiors highlighted on the site, was oh-so humbling. With a move most likely in our future within the next year, seeing our home on the screen, is a reminder of how any place can really become a home and of all the many memories here in la condominium. 
    So enough with all the mush, check it below, friends... and know that I am truly, truly, truly so grateful for all of you who let me explore my passions and follow along for the ride. 
    XO, Amanda Louise











     Photos: Kim Cornelison Publication Styling: Charlotte Safavi

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    Writer: Erin Austen Abbott  Photos: Luke Cleland