• One Room Challenge - Spring 2016 - Living Room - Week 1

    Guys! I am so excited to be taking part in the One Room Challenge.

    Not too long ago, the lovely and funny and sassy Stephanie from Olive and Tate reached out to me to help her with her living room for the Calling it Home, One Room Challenge. This is a six week challenge where you completely transform a room and share if along the way. As guest participants, Stephanie and I will be sharing our progress of the room every Thursday on our blogs. You can check out the Calling It Home website to see who else is playing along, just be prepared to enter what might be a decorating wormhole, where you will certainly be caught for hours.

     Stephanie has conquered every other part of her house on her own and done a beautiful job reno-ing and decorating each space... She just couldn't make the living room come together, so she called on me!


    At our first meeting, that was off-site, Stephanie explained to me that one of the main reasons that she was having trouble was that there was a pool table in her living room... and it had to stay. "A pool table, you say?" Quite the proverbial bump in the decorating road in my book, so this was our first challenge. 


    Stephanie went on to explain that not only did her husband love the pool table, but it actually really served to be a great way to entertain guests and they used it all the time (and that she had already had it re-felted in a nice neutral, so that was good step in the right direction, for sure). So I adjusted to the idea and decided that even though I know absolutely nothing about the game of pool... I was going to win this game. On went the plan to make the living room beautiful, functional, and not quite as focused on the pool table. 

    So... I played around with the space and I think the best scenario is to switch the placement of the entertainment center with the sofa. This will create a more conversational atmosphere with the chairs in their existing spots across a new coffee table that might be lucite and fabulous... and toddler friendly. Then, the entertainment center and the pool table will be on opposite sides of the space and add some definition to the living room. 

    Second challenge is that this space needs to be babe friendly so fabric and furniture choices must be just that.

    Third challenge... Stephanie is very comfortable with spaces that are all white (and before I get accused of imposing my style onto and unwilling participant, I promise that she asked for all the color we are about to pack into this space). I just have to ease her into color and pattern and tone back my "wonky pattern-play" as I believe she referred to it the other day. Btw, No matter how she meant it, I took that as the highest compliment.

    We have a fantastic ikea hack planned with some help from TJ Breil from The Slab Guild, a wallpaper-like mural wall from the beautiful Andrea Sabugo, and some fantastic local art from Marquin Design. Oh, and an emerald and persimmon color palette to boot, headed up by our pillow fabric choices and a lot of help from Wheaton and Whaley Designs. Here is our sample board where our project is starting. We are jazzed and hope that you will follow along.