• Playful Pattern Collab with Dorothy Shain

    In case you missed it, last week we had the pleasure of being featured as Dorothy Shain's January 'Design Guru' where I gushed about her new textile and wallpaper line! Lucky for me, I was able to incorporate the new line and a couple custom patterns into a few spaces before the big release. You may remember Dorothy and I collaborating for  Lula's Nursery with her dogwood inspired wallpaper, well we were also sneakily working on another space around the same time -- a bright little guestroom our clients lovingly call the nursery.

    You can read all about how we chose which wallpaper and fabrics to bring into the space over on Dorothy's blog but the short and sweet version is we needed color and lots of it for the little ladies that visit on the reg and at the same time we wanted a level of sophistication to grow with the girls or welcome other visitors when necessary. 

    Bright and neutral for the bed linens and dresser paired with the beautifully subtle Zinnias wallpaper set the stage for nearly every other element to shine in bold color. Playful yet serene is what we were shooting for and Dorothy's collection definitely got us there. Be sure to check out her full collection...  I feel certain you'll be seeing them in the future!