• Pretty Patterns with a Side of Soft Hues Dining Room

    And these are a few of my favorite things… cue Julie Andrews blasting on high and me swirling around that dining table like I’m straight off the big screen. If you’ve been following for a while, you know those favorite things boil down to color, pattern, original art, and well, dogs. 

    And while there aren’t any pups hanging in this space, it checks all three of those other boxes and it checks them all in a big, big way.

    This space started as a blank slate and we decided to go with a more is more kind of method when creating the design plan - but in a soft muted way using colors and tones that are easy on the eye.

    Wallpaper gives the starting point for the space by adding interest and color to the walls. Always a great approach for dining rooms where the use of textiles to add interest can be limited and the wall real estate can be vast, wallpaper can be key. Rather than adding in more and more art to fill the walls, it’s much more impactful to anchor the space with a paper and then let art speak in bold, impactful moments. With the foundation of paper laid, textiles and rugs layer in the create softness and original art from Teresa Roche and Kaitlyn Etchison add the final punch.

    With furnishings, we wanted an eclectic look so we sourced from different collections and manufacturers keeping in mind that we did want some cohesiveness. We tied the wood tone of the buffet to the tone of the rattan chairs, creating some continuity and let the rest of the pieces shine in their own way.


    This space screams fun almost as loudly as J.A. herself on that mountain top and was so much fun to work on. Even more fun, seeing the family enjoy it and imagining it getting to shine this holiday season! 



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