• Spring ORC: Week Three: DIY Delirium

    Y'all! Week Three of the One Room Challenge. This is nuts. It has been so much fun seeing how everyone's spaces are coming together. I'm on a teeter-totter of emotions. Going from feeling like we have gotten so so much done, to making a list of what still needs to be done and being so so scared about it all coming together! I am sure most ORC peeps are feeling about the same, but we got this.

    So here's where we are. Lot's of progress and our two interns hard at work. Charlie is mildly obsessed with her new sofa and no, that's not a fur throw rug, that's Totes. 

    We got the big ol' jute rug in this week- my fave at a ridiculous price from Overstock. It adds some much needed texture to the floors but still keeps things on the low down, down there. We added in the console table that I found at one of my fave Greenville shopping spots, Cottage Grove Vintage. At first, we weren't sure about it. It felt like an extension of the floor but it's jiving now. There's a truckload of color that's coming in slowly but surely and we are going to be so glad for a few neutrals when it all arrives. Thankful we didn't go anywhere near that wood tone with a paint brush. 

    This was also the week of DIY's. That green mantle. Let me just talk about it for a sec. I fought hard for this color and dude, I love it so. Benjamin Moore Split Pea is one of my favorite paint colors on the whole entire planet. I realize- not a shade for everyone, but I find my happy place somewhere right in the middle of green and yellow. I brought Split Pea to the decision table and Caroline said something to the affect of "oh heyal, no". Well guys, here we are with one shade darker than that "oh heyal, no Split Pea" and I might be gloating a little bit about my Forest Moss win. Caroline's down now and it really doesn't translate as electric in person. It is perfecto for the plan and while it may not actually make sense right now, when our textiles and art come in, it's going to be so fun! We also did a little paint number on the tile and gave it a much needed update. It needs a little tweaking, but we will get the kinks out and tell you all about our methods on that. 

    DIY numero dos... I opted out of the Easter egg dying and went for the lamp shades. I read up on how to do it and y'all! This is the easiest, biggest impact project I may have ever done. 

    I started with two boxes of Rit Kelly Green dye, filled a large tub with 6 gallons of water and two cups of vinegar which was recommended for the type of fabric our shades are made of (all this info is on the package). Then I spun those babies right round for a about 15 minutes each in the dye. 

    Just the Kelly Green alone was a little too yellow and I thought it might compete with our mantle, so I added two boxes of Rit Dark Green dye. This got us where we wanted to be. They did end up a lot lighter when they dried but the tone is still great. These shades had a little sheen to them originally and I think that may have affected the saturation of the color. I tested some cotton fabric and it got a good bit darker than our shades. Overall, a huge, way easy update for the whopping $10 of dye that it took. 

    The most exciting thing so far about this space is that the art is starting to roll in. We mapped out our art pieces this week on the walls with painters tape and I am so jazzed about all these pieces that we will share all about next week! We also added in these cute foot stools that I picked up at Dressing Rooms Interiors in Charlotte a few months ago. They are so rad. They stack and are amazing but I cant decide if leaving them gold is the key. Should we paint a color? Orange, Yellow, Pink? 

    Overall I feel like we are in a good place... For next week, we have big dreams. K-dawg and Wyatt (the bros that back us) are going to play electricians for a day and switch out that fan for a fixture that I can't wait to share. Fingers crossed, all of our art is hung, we get some hardware on the furniture and we might even possibly get some more pillows up in here. 

    Totes says we got this. We will see.