• Spring ORC: Week Two

    Happy week two of the One Room Challenge! We did it. One week in and this, my dear week dos, was a week of progress. The room has changed from sandy desert scene to more of a Caribbean beach vibe. Still lots of sand but a healthy does of watery hues to break things up. When this thing is said and done, It's going to be a rainbow, jungle explosion. But for now, I am going to imagine I am sitting on that sandy beach with a fancy umbrella drink, checking things off our To-Do. 


    Here's where we are. Sand and Sea. Ya feel me?

    But, This is where we're goin y'all. All the color. All the pattern. With some tropical, citrus feels and a little chinoiserie thrown in for good measure. 

    Back to that beach, with the drink and list, checking things off one at a time. 

    Furniture- done. done. done. We found a rad sofa. We purchased an even radder coffee table that made us sway from our kid-friendly dreams and buy something with more corners than I have ever seen on a coffee table. It's radness could not be ignored. Console table and side tables are on lock and will pop up here next week.

    Fabric- Headed to the seamstress as we speak. We are anchoring the sofa with two big plush navy Loloi lovelies and filling in the rest with custom cuties in out fave Schumacher, Lacefield and Claire Bella prints. 

    Lighting - We found our lamps at Homegoods for a whopping fifty a piece. The shades are going green this weekend. Me and a bucket of dye... It should go well, but I have the link to some replacements saved just in case. I suspect it could turn into an epic Pinterest fail or something similar to "The Great Green Chair Debacle" of the Spring ORC from last year. Or it could be great. We shall see and report back with pass or fail. The ceiling fan is out. Evicted, and a beaded beauty is taking up residence to run this place. 

    Art- At the end of this thing, this space might be titled "The Room that Art Built". I think the art is what I am most amped about. Ok, I know it is. We commissioned a gigantic orange grove from our gal Maria Osorio Driscoll for over the sofa and we got this sneak peek color study. Which... I'm dead. You know citrus makes me swoon. We have a collage wall planned with so much goodness that I can't even get into right now. The art will be a whole post later... because it's full of all my favorites. 

    So now, more details on how we found that sofa and coffee table. I am about to disclose one of my favorite secrets in all the land and I have mixed feelings about it. I've already deleted this paragraph three times. I thought about lying and saying that it all came from a garage sale and that we got really, crazy, insanely lucky... but instead, I hear honesty is the best policy and I will share my secrets with all of you fine people. 

    Caroline and I got our booties in the 4runner, hitched up a U-haul trailer, got some big-gulps and boiled peanuts and set out on a One Room Challenge adventure. En route to Augusta, GA with said trailer, on what might have been the windiest day in history while The Masters were happening in said city. Maybe not the smartest roadtrip move, but the payoff was big. 

    Awaiting us in Augusta is a magical place called Final Cut. It is where all the plush velvet Anthropologie sofas go to die/ hopefully be adopted. This place is an Anthro, Urban Outfitters and Free People, wonderland. Some things are major major scratch and dent but some things are almost perfect. And for 70% off Anthro prices, I can get down with the almost perfecto. 

    Driving by this place, you would never know that it's bursting at the seams with colorful, killer furniture and boxes and boxes and boxes of clothes (that I can go nowhere near without having a panic attack- Shopping for clothes isn't my jam and digging for clothes- nah, I'm really good). Hold your breath for these next pictures... It may be out of terror or  it may be out of jubilation, but regardless you will gasp.

    Wonderland... amiright? One disclosure though. A good 50% of the chairs are missing at least one leg, ripped beyond repair or battered to pieces. It's a little sad but you can find gems and I always roll out of there with at least one treasure. We ran up on three things that will t-totally rock our space... Sofa, coffee table, and a chandelier that will make her grand appearance soon. But for now, behold my new, two true loves. Big Blue, and Bigger Blue. Hey, hey pretty thangs.

    That concludes week two. Four more to go, which is nuts and scary, but we will conquer. Up for this weekend: painting the mantle and tile surround, dying lampshades, rolling out that big ol' jute rug, and then popping a bottle. See y'all on the flip side.