• The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Wink Wink Studio

    We’ve got a party for you this week! Full of party peeps! That you can shop here, over on The Campbell Collective. We are so excited to welcome Suzy Lindow of Wink Wink Studio to The Campbell Collective and she’s created a little treat for all of us.

    Suzy creates her “peeps” with the idea of highlighting personalities with panache and the differences that we all have and should be embraced…. We are down for all of it!

    The possibilities are endless here and there’s a huge range of how these pieces could be used in your spaces… think gallery wall mixed in with black and white family photos, “Hot Rod” (a personal fave) over a boys bed or bar to exude cool, or have fun and search through the collection to find a personality that fits all of your friends or family members to hang in a group or gift!


    So grab some peeps for yourself or for your fave peeps and I’ll try to count how many times I said “peeps” in this post! Get your shop on, and fill those walls! 


    Happy art shopping, friends!