• The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Kelsey Livingston

    When Kelsey Livingston reached out to Amanda Louise Interiors last year we were determined to find a way to get her work into our client's homes. Fortunately for us (and now you!) The Campbell Collective gave us that opportunity. 

    Kelsey is based in Austin, TX and specializes in colored pencil illustrations of subjects ranging from classic cars to wildlife. She uses bold colors and clean lines, creating pieces that can stand the test of time. 

    Her collection for The Campbell Collective is truly 'collectable' (as in you're gonna want more than one). Man's best friend is the subject and color is the leading lady. These doggies are sure to make you smile or perhaps remind you of an old pal.

    This collection of Kelsey's original pups on paper is live today so visit the shop to bring one home or gift to a dog-loving pal. 


    The Campbell Collective