• Layered Living

    Maybe it's just me but my motivation to leave the house plummets with the temperatures. However, I do still need to see my people so for me the chilly months are the "why don't ya'll just come to me!?" months, creating the need for some serious seating that isn't 100% centered around a television (or 100% covered in laundry). Today's feature is all about some conversational seating and a room that can easily transition from a family game night to a girl's night in. 

    Our client's big fam required a plethora of options for lounging but we wanted to keep the room open, not blocking every possible walkway with a sofa, and with little ones toddling around, a sharp cornered coffee table was not the way to go. But with this many upholstered pieces in a room we had to make sure to incorporate different textures and patterns on each piece to create layers rather than just one fabric covered blob. 

    All these fantastic windows meant we had limited wall space but we were sure to take full advantage of the space we had. We have a dream team of artists: a gallery consisting of works by Jean Wilson Freeman, Laurie Buck, Annie Koelle, and Diane Kilgor Condon across from a big, bold beauty by Mary Ann Forehand. Like I said... dream team.

    Light and bright for the sunny days and comfy-cozy for the cold and rainy. This living space is ready for good living and good living means being with your peeps. So make some room! ...and maybe change out of your sweats :)

    Couch | Yellow Chair | Pink Pillow | Blue Pillow | Chartreuse Pillow | Rug | Pouf | Ottoman | Side Table | Art | Frame | Basket | Table | Lamps