• Owning Your Vintage Bathrooms

    Let’s talk bathrooms… and not those bright-white-shiny, everything-brand-new ones. We love that kind for sure, but sometimes you gotta work with what you have and sometimes that means you gotta work with pink tubs, beige-y wall tile, and terra cotta squares all over your floor. Hello design choices of the 60's / 70's!

    We are making the case that, with a little love (aka wallpaper, paint, lighting, art), these straight out of the 60's baths can have big style of their own and a whole lot of character thanks to the out of the box choices those who came before us made – without the use of a sledgehammer or all your dolla dolla bills.

    First, you may remember my master who has already made her debut appearance here on the blog. I fell in love with the pink tub the minute I saw it and knew that the funkiness of it just had to be leaned into. So enter wallpaper from Teresa Roche that amplified the color of the tub and certainly made it pop more than the beige wall color the dawned this bathroom before.

    Right down the hall the matching pink sinks have a room of their own to shine. Skirts on the pink sinks in a Lulie Wallace print add color and softness to the room along with wallpaper and colorful artwork. All amplifying the coolness of the pink sinks and allowing them to rock their funky freshness without blending into a sea of beige aka wall tile.

    The last bath in our case study is a client’s space that had been touched/updated here and there along the way before they purchased the house. They loved the vintage tile but wanted it to feel fresher! Enter a bright paint color, modern lighting, mirrors and graphic period advertising art.

    All of these are proof that vintage spaces have personality of their own and can feel fresh with easy and cost effective updates.

    BRB... I’m headed to take a soak in my pink bath and get my zen on,