• Welcome To The ALI Studio

    Hi. Hello. It's been awhile! We will save you all the "2020" excuses and say life has been busy, but with mostly wonderful things! Today we wanted to pop back in to show you where the magic happens -- our home studio! For as long as I can remember I have wanted to design people's homes and for a while that desire included having my very own studio space. Fast forward to present-day and that dream has evolved over the years. 
    When we bought our home, we imagined the surprisingly, well-lit basement being our "relaxation station" with a roaring fire, a plush sofa, and 'The Family Stone' playing on repeat from November to January. Enter Lula, and we re-imagined the space filled with neutral colored toys and a padded rug for her to romp with Maisy dog. However, after working from home for several months, needing to get away from what ended up being not-so-neutral (and noisy) toys, AND a flooding issue causing us to rip up the carpet... we took the plunge and converted the basement living space into ALI headquarters!
    What used to be a lodge-esque second living space with whitewashed panelling and a brick fireplace, quickly took on a new life when the carpet was removed for repairs, exposing a blank concrete floor. We took the opportunity to paint the floors a fun color as opposed to spending the extra cash to tile or add in more carpet. Everything else got a coat (okay, several coats) of white paint because, after all, it still is a basement that needs some brightening. We won't lie to you, it was a little stark at first but we knew we'd need a big, blank canvas before adding in all the things we can't work without (color/texture/pattern, of course). 
    This space needed to be inspiring but extremely functional -- filled with books, art, fabric and images that get our creative wheels spinning while also having easy access to our sample libraries, plus plenty of spaces to get work done. Nine times out of ten we all end up at the table in the middle of the room working in a cute row, but we also needed spaces to tackle shipping for The Campbell Collective or layout tactile moodboards for client projects. 
    For several years, our resources have been spread out. Sometimes between rooms or sometimes between locations, so having designated storage for things like catalogues and fabric remnants has been the ultimate game changer. With a few short steps, I can escape into work-mode while also always having access to the snacks in my own fridge (also a game changer, right?!). 
    In all seriousness, having this basement studio has met our needs as a business in the best of ways. We have been so excited to show you the space we love to work in, creating designs, dreaming up new ideas, storing / shipping beautiful art, and all the not-so-glamorous stuff in between. We also love bringing you into our home office and pretending it looks this clean / organized at all times! 
    We hope your week is off to a great start and we look forward to showing you more of what we've been up to very soon!
    AL + Team
    photos by Emily Bolt