• Sunshine + Serenity

    A little something for everyone -- We’ve got masculine. We’ve got feminine. We’ve got bright. We’ve got light. The gang’s all here!
  • Easy Being Green

    All I can do is sing “Backstreet’s back, alright!!!” in my head and think about how in 1997 you could either be a Backstreet girl or an N*sync girl and although Justin had my whole heart – I was a fickle 7 year old and secretly liked Nick a lot too.

    All that to say, Le blog got put on the back burner for a bit. It’s been a while- but we BACK like Backstreet and the blog lineup is stacked. We’ve got so many projects to share that it’s nutty and you just need to sit back and watch out because we’ve got one a week lined up and headed your way with no end in site.

  • Pattern Play Nursery

    All the colors, all the patterns... just how I like it and I can promise you, that this kid is visually stimulated. 

    We started with the space that was overwhelmed by a whole bunch of paneling... but it was pretty rad paneling so we just decided to add to and make it all work with textiles, art, and accessories.