• Color, Pattern, Pattern and Art Partay... Dining Room

    Y'all! Happy Sunday! Over the past couple of weeks, I've shared this clients home full of color, pattern, and art. We looked at the living room, the office/craft room/homework spot, and now to the dining room! Currently we're working on the kitchen and cabinets just got installed this week (Insert squeal of delight, here). This home is far from finished, but I am so so jazzed with the completed spaces so far! I absolutely cannot wait to see the kitchen and remaining spaces come together and share it with y'all, but this project has been a dream and I don't really want it to ever wrap. I think I might start working really slowly just to drag it out as long as possible.
  • Color, Pattern and Art Partay... Living Room

    We just wrapped up phase one of this project. A brick ranch that was stuck in the 70s, transformed to a space filled with all the color, all the pattern, all the art... and there are dogs too. So this project is basically my mantra and everything I love. Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be sharing this homes dining room, master bedroom, office/craft room and today, the living room. In a matter of days (maybe hours at this point), the kitchen/powder room/sunroom are getting demoed and I can't wait to see how our scheme comes together in the next few weeks for phase dos. 



  • Pops-o-Color Living Room

    Partay people! All things summer have been reigning supreme over here and le blog has taken the back seat. I am getting my serious, back to school face on and cracking the books aka laptop (as long as I get to do back-to-school shopping)... giving the blog some much needed attention. This pop-o-color living room is holding it's own in the summer's last hoorah department just in time for the season change. Fall is in the air with tomorrow's entrance of August One and as much as I love the rays of sunshine, those crisp fall breezes are always on top.