• All-American Abode

    Happy Bday to the US of A! To celebrate we are whipping out this red, white and blue extravaganza of a home we created for a family earlier this year. 

    When I was called in, this home built in the 80s was an explosion of black and gold wallpaper, crazy-huge crystal chandeliers, black and white checkered floors, floor sized tile on the backsplash, yellow oaky tones, heavy glazed cabinetry.... ya feel? It all had to go, yo.

  • Wallpaper Partay

    Wallpapes oh wallpapes, how we love you so. There are so many ways with which we can use these perfect rolls of paper, each serving a very different aesthetic and purpose from the rest.

    Take for instance the concept of singularly using a pattern of paper on only one wall in a room (Aka accent wall-papering). You'll get an entirely different look than you would covering all four walls with the same pattern.

    Or how about running rolls up a wall and onto the ceiling? Often underused, this method invites a room to have the major attention is deserves. Kid you not, it also makes you want to spend all the more time in this space.

  • Hippity Hop Living Room

    Hippity hop, don't stop. When we started working on this project, our clients, in the midst of a renovation, got hit with a 1-2 punch in the health department. Needless to say, it was scary stuff and disarray on the homefront. Creating a happy space was number one on our agenda, and when this dear client professed her love for all things bunny, visions of Hunt Slonem flashed in my head. We knew it had to be the jumping off point for this space.

    Like most of our spaces, this one was all about balance. Old with new. Tradition with funk. Bright colors with neutrals. Small prints among large prints. Pieces with sentiment mixed with new pieces that pull our design concept together... etc, etc, etc.