• Color, Pattern, and Art Partay... Craft Room

    A couple of weeks ago I shared a living room that was filled to the brim with all the things I love: all the colors, all the pattern and a truck load of all the local art. And this week all the attention is on that living room's like minded neighbor. Introducing the craft room/office/game room combo.  

    In a prior life, this office space was the formal dining room and the now dining room that we'll share soon, was the formal living room. A common switcharoo that these older ranches are making these days. This space quickly found a new purpose. 

  • Pattern Play Nursery

    All the colors, all the patterns... just how I like it and I can promise you, that this kid is visually stimulated. 

    We started with the space that was overwhelmed by a whole bunch of paneling... but it was pretty rad paneling so we just decided to add to and make it all work with textiles, art, and accessories. 

  • All-American Abode

    Happy Bday to the US of A! To celebrate we are whipping out this red, white and blue extravaganza of a home we created for a family earlier this year. 

    When I was called in, this home built in the 80s was an explosion of black and gold wallpaper, crazy-huge crystal chandeliers, black and white checkered floors, floor sized tile on the backsplash, yellow oaky tones, heavy glazed cabinetry.... ya feel? It all had to go, yo.