• Wedding Season Gift Guide

    Ah, wedding season, how we love you so. With May almost behind us, and June straight ahead, here's a taste of what we're bridal buying this summer season. Sure these items may not be on your gals registry, but if we had a dolla for every registry visited where the goods are either sold out or what's left is a lil slim pickins, we'd be rolling in cash money. Also, who doesn't like to be surprised with a little something they haven't seen before - and when you've got engagement parties here, and kitchen showers there, it follows suit to be prepared for the matrimonies ahead. Hint, have some salt and pepper lemon shakers in yee old gift arsenal. Can I get a yellow, zesty, amen! Here are the out of the ordinary, not your everyday Herend registry gifts we're giving this wedding seaz:
  • ORC Round Up: Spring Favorites Edition

    The One Room Challenge: my bi-annual Super Bowl week where I literally take in just about every room I can manage to get to, click through, and absorb. There is so much wisdom and creative brilliance going on out there, right past the 4 walls of my office space and across state lines. So many designers crafting exquisite things. From the West coast to the East, I'm appreciative the ORC puts everyone, sponsored or not, on a regimented timeline, finale, and of course, ORC platform so that I can spend time awing at the other spaces.

  • One Room Challenge Reveal: Spring 2017: Color Happy Living Room

    Y'all! It's here! One Room Challenge reveal day and I couldn't be happier. Other than the fact that I'm jonesing to make my way through all the details of every dang space in this thing, it's time to take a big deep breath! We made it through the finish line. This is the closest I will ever get to the feeling of a marathon. I know that fo sho.