• So Fresh. So Clean: Spring Living Room.

    Sure, its the final full week of February, but my mind is already looking ahead to the fresh palette those lovely months of March, April, and May bring. Spring is kind of boss. And so, I went into the below design plan doing my best to bring in fresh colors and texture that both reminded me of this rejuvenating season, and the homeowners that live and dwell here. It's nice to point back to the lighter colors that make our hearts warm and happy. There's something completing about creating a room with the newness spring brings us in mind.
  • My Kind of V-Day

    It's here. The heartthrob holiday some of us love, and others kind of hate. I live somewhere in between this spectrum. I don't necessarily love what Valentine's Day has become, but I also see how it could be shifted into a holiday I can get down with. 

  • Dining Dreams

    I believe in living bigger, bolder, and having your home be a true extension of your personality. As such, when I'm asked to work on more than one room, I put extra effort into making the flow of these spaces known. When a living room and adjacent dining room just jive, it's really good vibes only. There's a way to go about this without particularly seeing double, or getting too matchy matchy. That's why, when my clients from last week's living room reveal asked me to go on with my bad self and also design their dining area, I set out to create a space that seamlessly worked from living to dining, and back again. Often times we use both of these rooms to invite, comfort, and entertain our loved ones. Thus, you know it's gotta be epic.