• New Year's Eve Mantel

    With Christmas just around the corner, only days away, in the back of my mind I'm preparing for those moments post Santa where I slowly take away the festive decor and get ready to host NYE. No lie, I do like to hold off until the very end of December to both take down our tree and wrap up everything featuring Mr. St. Nick. It's kind of tough cookies for me, boxing up Christmas, but I come to terms with the transition as I recognize the warm inviting celebration of New Year's Eve we get in exchange. Sure, it's no Christmas (hello, what is?) but New Year's Eve brings completeness to our hard working, hectic, amazing, busy, trying, euphoric years, and by golly, I think we should celebrate. It's one more holiday I feel grateful we have a reason to enjoy time with friends and family. This NYE, we're going for a night in where those closest to us can sip a glass of bubbly in front of a fire and enjoy ringing in the New Year. I loved putting this take on our New Year's Eve mantel together. With pops of citrons and blues, I think the ever present gold and silver were able to do their own thing.
  • The Art of the Shelfie

    One of my most favorite aspects of creating any living space: taking on the bookshelves and built ins. Just this past weekend at market, while selecting the big pieces for upcoming projects, I found my eyes also being drawn to the smaller, quality details. It's those vibrant pots holding lively plants, a collection of color-blocked books, and the small dog figurines (duh) that get me. When I find these, I see items that will live a long and prosperous life while sitting pretty and adding personality on that bookshelf. To me, it's important to nail the bookshelf out of the park; today, I’m sharing three steps to arranging your best "shelfie".

  • Holiday Home Tour

    Y'all! Can you even believe that Christmas morning is less than a week away? I feel like Thanksgiving was yesterday. In the remaining time before the big day, we are going to be retreating to home as much as we can. You know, chillin by the tree, cookie baking in the kitchen, and all the Christmas movies on the sofa.... luckily the digs are all decked for the season and now all we have to do is enjoy it. Here's a tour of the casa dressed in it's Navidad best photographed by the talented Luke Cleland of Cleland Studios.