• Ladies Room

    Happy Thursday, friends! This week has been a whirl wind after being out of the studio for a week and a half. So many fun things going on and only so many hours in the day. I'm sure most of you can relate. Well, here is our latest completed project and I am over the moon with how this space turned out. This project was so so fun. This client loves color and pattern and has wonderful collections that we were able to showcase. My kind of client and my kind of project.
  • Amanda Louise at Home: Living Room Tour

    Hello friends! I'm spending some extra time at home this week recovering from a little surgery and I thought that I would share our living room digs where I'm spending a lot of extra time, with y'all. This space is constantly changing and recently went through a rearrange to accommodate this settee that was in our bedroom. Truly, I love it down here but I'm missing it in it's former home. Our home is never finished and I live by the motto that good design is never done. I've never let not a having a place for something that I love, stop me from buying it... simply rearrange your life to make it fit. Kevin truly loves this mantra of mine. I also think that in order to meet varying needs you have throughout life, your space and what is in it, has to be able to accommodate those needs. 

  • One Room Challenge - Spring 2016 - Living Room - Week 6 Reveal

    Ok, So I feel like I have been on a wooden roller coaster for the past six weeks. The ones where you feel like your'e going up and down, around and around, and the whole thing has been bumpy and you thought you might crash a few times along the way. Yeah? You've been there? If you haven't been on the particular coaster I was last on (where the Wayne's World theme song played over and over only adding to the bliss), then you've been on something similar. Anyway, you want it to be over because you feel dizzy, tired and kind of like you might be sick. It's been exhilarating though, and along the ride you've had to hold on tight to the person beside you and now she's a good friend. It's all a blur, but when the ride stops you're really bummed and get right back in line for another ride. After a little rest, of course.