• One Room Challenge - Spring 2016 - Living Room - Week 6 Reveal

    Ok, So I feel like I have been on a wooden roller coaster for the past six weeks. The ones where you feel like your'e going up and down, around and around, and the whole thing has been bumpy and you thought you might crash a few times along the way. Yeah? You've been there? If you haven't been on the particular coaster I was last on (where the Wayne's World theme song played over and over only adding to the bliss), then you've been on something similar. Anyway, you want it to be over because you feel dizzy, tired and kind of like you might be sick. It's been exhilarating though, and along the ride you've had to hold on tight to the person beside you and now she's a good friend. It's all a blur, but when the ride stops you're really bummed and get right back in line for another ride. After a little rest, of course. 
  • One Room Challenge - Spring 2016 - Living Room - Week 5

    This has been the craziest, nonstop, nutso week and this post is late. But, that's life sometimes. That's life lately. Life lately has also consisted of a lot of time with Stephanie from Olive and Tate working on the One Room Challenge. I seriously cannot believe that we wrapped the room real real late last night and the talented Luke Cleland from Cleland Studios photographed it this morning for us. I am so excited for this space but also sad that Stephanie isn't required to hang with me anymore.

    Here are a ton of sneak peaks before we reveal the whole room next week. I LOVE this space. 

  • One Room Challenge - Spring 2016 - Living Room - Week 4

    It is week four and this thing is getting real. Like, for real we gotta really make some real stuff happen, for real.

    Our big accomplishment this week was that our ikea/silk hybrid drapes went up and I am so happy with them. The seamstress took Ikea Lenda panels and added a band of persimmon silk that I picked up on the clearance remnant rack. I personally think they look pretty stinking good based on their humble beginnings. We also had her cut off the tab tops and add a band of reinforcement to the tops so that we could use traditional drapery pins and rings instead of clips. I'll share details of that next week along with the Amazon curtain rods that TJ Breil from Slab Woodworking is making custom finials for. This not-so-expensive Ikea/Amazon hack, should look like a million bucks when we are done. That's the plan, at least.