About TCC

The Campbell Collective is an online marketplace of original art brought to you by Amanda Louise Campbell and Marquin Campbell. The collective begins with works on paper from seven different artists, created in standard frame sizes to provide an array of artwork for your home. New artists will be introduced each month, adding to an already diverse collection of works. Amanda Louise and Marquin share immense passion for supporting local artists and intend for this collection to spread that same passion to the walls of your home in a bright and colorful way.

Amanda Louise
is an interior designer in Greenville, SC known for her cheery spaces full of color, pattern, and personality. She has talent for creating authentic spaces that include original art pieces sourced with her clients in mind. Through years of supporting the art community, Amanda Louise has developed countless artist relationships in and around Greenville. With a little hard work, she plans to showcase these relationships in curating a beautiful collection of pieces to offer. 

 is a designer and painter originally from Savannah, GA now residing in Greenville, SC. Marquin studied drawing and painting at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA and went on to study fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York City. A determined champion for the arts, Marquin is filling the role of artist liaison, working hard behind the scenes to make TCC flourish while showcasing her own work in the collection. Though classically trained, Marquin’s current work is a more contemporary palette and subject matter. Most of her inspiration comes from the coast, as she draws upon the memories of her childhood, island home just outside of Savannah. 

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